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My earliest childhood memories are connected to backyard forests, rocky streams and elusive wildlife. Family camping trips were wilderness adventures where my father searched for the “never before fished” mountain lake or river.  As an adult I continue to hike mountain trails and it is no surprise that I am a wildlife artist. 

As a Maple Ridge painter, I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes and have ample opportunity to explore the many local trails, as well as, travel the country.  I choose iconic Canadian animals for my subjects and present the viewer with a close-up experience. The expressive backgrounds focus on several key characteristics of the animal’s habitat and the details are left to the viewer to decipher.  I experiment with acrylic glazes of colour, blending techniques, and gentle brushstrokes. 

I continue to develop as an acrylic painter with the help of Creative Kaos, an eclectic group of local painters who meet weekly to support, share and paint together.  We owe our success to our mentor and teacher, Shari Pratt, the founder of Creative Kaos and an internationally recognized artist.

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Cell:  604.996.5835